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Model 1004
Very robust precision circular spirit level vial of very high quality and stability for heavy equipment, such as platforms, vehicles etc.

High precision circular spirit level vial completely turned out of organic glass, with inseparably adhered base plate, with flange and 3 screw-on holes, for longitudinal and radial inclination.

The imprint 0-3°, as shown in the picture, stands for the large number of base plate designs with different degree and percent graduations available from our company.

Examples of graduation:
0°-5°-10°-15°-20°-25°-30° and more ...

The order-no. is 1004-(xxx)

"xxx" stands for a determined measuring range. We will tell you this number if you ask us for it or you simply order Model 1004 and tell us that you need a 0-5° range e.g.
Dimensions in mm
Order-number Base plate-ų Flange-ų Height Pitch circle-ų Drill-ų
1004- 100 75 15 88 5

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