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Here you can find important information !


Emails to us
We are always glad to receive emails from you and you can be sure that we will always answer each message you send to us. Unfortunately sometimes it happens that an email does not reach its destination - e.g. because of technical problems or automatic spam filters - and neither the forwarder nor the receiver gets informed. So if you do not receive an answer then this is not intended. Please do not hesitate to call and tell us.

Prices / Offers
For written offers which we have to generate by ERP software because of organizational reasons we need your complete address. Please let us know these data with your inquiry or simply use our contact form which you can reach by clicking on "Contact" below the headline "Services 1". Please let us know your fax-no. so that we can send you the offer. Please also tell us the order-no. of the product and the quantity you need.

Special designs
Please note that we have further articles and specially made products in our program, which are not (yet) listed in our catalogue. So if you are looking for a certain product or if you need a special design, please use our contact form. Here you can also request your special offer. Please tell us the order-no. of the product and the quantity you need.

Regarding these websites

View catalogue
Find out about our products in the online-catalogue. To do this, simply click on a category below the headline  "Products". It is possible that a category contains several subcategories. Please note that if a category contains more products than can be shown on one page you can access the other pages by clicking on the page numbers above and below the articles. You will get prices upon request.

Download catalogue
You can download our catalogue by clicking on "PDF-catalogue download" below the headline "Services 2". You will receive a catalogue including price list upon request.

Searching for products
You can usually browse through the categories to find a product or to get an overview. You can also search e.g. for an order-no., model or any other desired terms to find one or more products. Therefore simply put in the search terms into the field below the headline "Search" and click on the "search" button.

product overview
Simply click on "All products" below the headline "Products" to get a list of all products ordered by categories. Here you can get a real fast overview about all products.

New products
If you want to get information about articles we newly produce and recently published in our catalogue please click on "New products" below the headline "Services 2". This link only appears when new products are available or when changes have been made to an article.

Call back
If you want us to call you back please click on "Call back" below the headline "Services 1". You can leave a message and your phone no. We will call you as soon as possible.
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